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Legno Flex

We're proud to be the only manufacturer in India of Legno Flex- a flexible, bendable fluted texture of wood veneer that offers unique design possibilities for curved surfaces like walls and furniture.

Legno Flex is a thin, lightweight alternative compared to other wood veneers, with a thickness of only 1.8mm. It can be easily installed on curved surfaces without additional weight or structural support. Given its 1.8mm thickness, it makes it a more economical option, as less material is needed to cover a given area. This can result in cost savings for clients looking to achieve a high-end look without breaking their budget.
Additionally, the thinness of Legno Flex allows it to be easily cut and manipulated to fit specific shapes and contours. This means it can be used to create intricate designs and patterns that may not be possible with thicker, more rigid wood veneers.
Whether you're looking to add a unique design element to your furniture, create a striking feature wall, or achieve a curved surface that's both functional and beautiful, Legno Flex can help you achieve your goals.

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